Lynn Deeves, LMT

Holistic Massage Therapy

Workplace Wellness Services

~Mobile wellness chair massage for your workplace:

Visits are booked in 1 - 4 hour blocks and are an excellent benefit for your workers. Workplace chair massages can vary from 10 - 30 minutes for each employee; the client is fully clothed; and oils are used only upon request. It's a great morale booster and a benefit which they'll look forward to all week long!!


Chair massage visit fees are $1-per-minute (if paid out-of pocket) with a $100 minumum for each visit.

~Why massage?

Massage is an ancient healng modality which has been shown to have positive effects on the physical/emotional/psychological well-being of the mind-body. And don't we all want to relax just a little bit more?


*promotes relaxation

*increased lymph flow (important in immune system function)

*increased flexibility/range of motion in joints

*decreased blood pressure, systemic circulation

*promotes healing of scars/adhesions

~In the workplace:

*decreased stress

*less injury due to overuse

*better morale

*increased productivity

     Regular massage may also save a company costs in worker's compensation claims, as well as time lost due to injuy/illness.

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